Mobile Learning Program

The Mobile Learning® Program contributes to ensuring the basic right to access education and information.

From 2001 to 2013, the foundation was committed, thanks to its Mobile Learning Program®, to disseminate e-literacy throughout Lebanon, based on its strong determination to bring skills and knowledge to every community in every part of the country; based on its belief that it is vital for developing countries and emerging economies to rely on technology to improve their situation. For small countries with limited natural resources such as Lebanon, the development of human capital remains the greatest strength and source of potential.
Information Technology (IT) and e-literacy in particular, became instrumental and fundamental headlines to the foundation's capacity-building program; especially at a time when information has become the key word for sustainable development, its importance, impact and advantages need no justification.



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After 3 years of concept creation and development, Fondation Saradar will soon launch a new educational project. More to come.

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