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“Empowering people” ou s’ouvrir aux possibilités L’Orient-Le Jour, 01/12/2011

Les révolutions ne se font pas toutes dans le bruit. Et elles ne sont pas toutes contre les régimes gouvernants.

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Eco-education caravan ready to hit roads of Mount Lebanon The Daily Star, 25/10/2011

Beirut:A new environmental education caravan, launched Monday, will travel arround the country to teach young people and small companies about the importance of developing green practices.

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Launching the new Mobile Computer School The Daily Star, 08/08/2009

Under the patronage of the Ministry of Higher Education, H.E. Mrs. Bahia El Hariri, the Cadmus Caravan project for the Bekaa valley was launched during a press conference

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حفل إطلاق "قدموس كارافان" في البقاع النهار, 06/08/2009

"إلى البقاع در". هذه هي الوجهة الجديدة لمشروع "قدموس كارافان" الذي اطلقته أمس في مؤتمر صحافي "مؤسسة سرادار" بالتعاون مع الصندوق الكندي للمبادرات المحلية التابعة لسفارة كندا...

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Cadmus, le voyage d’un nouvel alphabet  Junior Magazine, 05/08/2009

La Fondation Saradar inaugure Cadmus, sa troisième caravane qui diffusera, cette année, le savoir informatique aux habitants de la Békaa.

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E-Caravan brings computer education back to South The Daily Star, 11/04/2008

Beirut: A fully equipped mobile computer and Internet school will soon travel across the South providing technological education to underprivileged residents of remote areas.

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After 3 years of concept creation and development, Fondation Saradar will soon launch a new educational project. More to come.

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