Visual Arts

Visual Arts Program

Through its Visual Arts program, Fondation Saradar contributes to developing and enriching the Lebanese art scene, consolidating the role of Art in Education and the growing part that Lebanon...

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Sports Program

We are dedicated to promoting sports and accompany our athletes in their endeavor. Our athletes believe that anything is possible if given the chance and so do we.

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Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning Program

The ‘Mobile Computer School®' project is a unique initiative launched in 2002 to bridge the digital divide in Lebanon. Today, it seeks to disseminate knowledge throughout the country.

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What We Value

Fondation Saradar is always engaged to go further and initiate itself activities related to arts, culture and sports in a very creative way. We mean to continually innovate with changing times and evolving needs. This is in line with the foundation’s commitment to leading by example.

Our News

Supporting promising Lebanese athletes
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Latest Initiative

After 3 years of concept creation and development, Fondation Saradar will soon launch a new educational project. More to come.

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