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Nader Jaber




Born and raised in Ivory Coast, Nader mainly focused on soccer and tennis, until he discovered running when he moved to Lebanon for studying. As of 2014, Nader focused on running, training extensively.
He participated in several competitions in Lebanon, Abu Dhabi, Ivory Coast and Portugal, ranking with the aim and dream to qualify for the 2020 Olympics.

As of 2014, Nader focused on running. Nader Jaber joined Fondation Saradar Sports Program in 2016. 

Nader’s major achievements over the past 3 years:


- Limassol Race (Cyprus) - 10k: 1st place (32min50)

- Doha (Qatar) - 5k: 3rd place (15min30)

- Lebanese Federation Cup - 10k: 1st place (31min40)
                                         5k: 1st place (15min22)

- Lebanese Federal Cup - 10k: 1st place (31min48)
                                    5k: 1st place (15min14)

- Myschoolpusle race - 5k : 1st place (record breaking time)



- Lebanese Championship cross country: 1st place

- Lisbon half-marathon: 40th overall out of 44000 (1h10min50)

- Lebanese Championship - 10k: 1st place (32min30)
                                      5k: 1st place (15min19)

- Lebanese Championship half-marathon: 2nd place (1h12min30)

- Amsterdam half-marathon: 5th overall out of 14000 (1h12min05)


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