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Pia Nehme

Holder of a Masters in Environmental science (AUB) and a MBA (ESA), Pia Nehme has competed:
- Three times at the Lebanese Marathon (42.195K) record, at the Paris Marathon April 2006 (3h11m06s); at the Berlin Marathon September 2007 (3h10m00s), Zurich Marathon April 2009 (3h00m01s). Presently record holder.
- Three times at the Beirut International Marathon (2005, 2007 and 2009) and won the first Lebanese place at all three occasions.
- Twice at the half-marathon (21.1K) record in North Carolina in October 2006 (1h25m19s); in Berlin, in April 2007 (1h23m16s). Presently record holder
- Twice at the Cité Sportive Beirut, 3000m track outdoor in June 2007 (10m34s) and in March 2008 (10m26s). Presently record holder.
- Once at the Cité sportive Beirut 5000m track outdoor, in March 2007:  (18m03s). Presently record holder.
- Once at the Cité sportive Beirut 10000m track in March 2007 (37m58s). Presently record holder.
- Once at  the Valencia world championship, 3000m indoor, in March 2008 (10m31s). Presently record holder.

Other Achievements:
- Ranked 6th at the ING Miami Half marathon in January 2011
- Won the New Jersey half marathon early May 2011
- Won first place in various national road races (Lebanon) and in Miami

Today, Pia Nehme is planning to:
- Improve further National records already established.
- Represent Lebanon in regional and international championships.
- Qualify for the 2012 London Olympic Games and represent Lebanon for the discipline of the Marathon.




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