The Mobile Computer School® - An innovative Concept


An Innovative Concept
The "Mobile Computer School®" project is a unique initiative launched by Fondation Saradar in 2002 with the objective to disseminate knowledge and facilitate access to information through specialized training. Fondation Saradar Caravans represent the ideal facility to cater for a wide range of audiences.

Why a Caravan ?
Because a caravan is mobile and ‘mobility’ is the new trend in delivering technology. Such ‘mobility’ allows for quick, easy and immediate access to information, enhancing people’s knowledge, competence and performance, particularly in rural areas.
The world of technology is continuously and rapidly evolving, therefore, ‘mobility’ allows for the efficient delivery of the latest technology and e-literacy campaigns.

This school on wheels hence, its mobility, defies and circumvents the inherited obstacles of:
  • Remote and isolated locations
  • Limited or nonexistent infrastructure
  • Unavailability of electronic equipment
  • Absence of Internet connectivity
  • Exclusion (geographical or social) of some marginalized social groups

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