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Going Green

Is green part of your company's culture ?

Today, enterprises and institutions around the globe have realized that going green to protect the environment is considered the smart thing to do. If a company aims at gaining a competitive edge, it must turn into an eco-friendly business.
The right thing to do, is to establish a comprehensive approach and to concretely engage in the application of green concept and measures.

Going Green is a way of living: while you contribute to reducing resource usage and eliminating unneeded waste you will be fighting against global warming and growing environmental problems in your country.

It is never too late to start applying green solutions! Here are some tips that will help you go green:

- Print less: go digital
- Pull the plug: Turn off everything you possibly can before you leave the office each day
- Get waste wise: Place paper recycling bins in convenient locations all over the office
- Work with like-minded companies: You can network with businesses that are also going
  green or certified green
- Recycle your company's electronic equipment
- Build or remodel your offices with environmental friendly materials
- Educate yourself and your team: Keep up with environmental news and green trends

(Green tips: courtesy of Beeatoona & Craft)

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