art onboard

A street billboard show

The 'art onboard' project is a first of its kind art initiative ever to be held in Lebanon and the Middle East.
It is an outdoor exhibition of the original works of ALBA, AUB, LAU, UL & USEK students, reproduced and displayed on selected Promomedia advertising billboards and deployed
in prime locations in central Beirut.
Artworks selected by a Jury of experts will be showcased on assigned billboard during the whole month of September 2015.

The project has a three-fold objective.
First, it seeks to promote art in Lebanon by stimulating art initiatives, associating art to community development and consolidating the role of art in corporate citizenship activities;
Second, its aims at supporting promising Art students, providing exposure to new talents, encouraging art creativity, thus bringing fresh impulse to the local art scene;
Third, the 'art onboard' project supports the environment, since it establishes a creative dialogue between young people and their urban surroundings, while it contributes to the embellishment of the city.


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